imprinting Sicily into the Metaverse 🤙


Own a part of the tallest active volcano 🌋 in Europe! We ported mt. Etna into the metaverse! It's an incredible immersive 🚁 FPV Drone Video 📹️ NFTs collection, and each piece includes a (real-life) guided excursion 🚠 at the shooting location with a professional naturalistic 🌿 guide and 📸  photographer.


Each eruption is a unique 💎 and incredible moment, one of the most powerful 💥 manifestations of nature, where fire 🔥 and earth ⛰️ come together to offer a spectacle 😎 as rare as unforgettable. We have finely captured 🖼️ these exciting instants and made them into an exclusive NFTs ✨ collection.